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Access Locksmith & Safe is a leading locksmith services provider serving the City of Los Angeles. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, the technicians at Access Locksmith & Safe, are readily available 24/7. Therefore, if you have been searching for the best locksmiths in Los Angeles, look no further because at Access Locksmith & Safe we are ready to serve you. We provide Residential, Commercial and Automobile locksmith services to our customers ensuring that you, your family and property remain safe.

It is general knowledge that a functional lock will serve to protect your property from destruction and burglary. However, to be assured that the lock is serving the expected role, you have to perform regular checks. Access Locksmith & Safe provides regular door locks maintenance to ensure the functionality of your garage door, front residential door, and integrity of your front commercial door together with the controlled entry doors.

As the most trusted Los Angeles locksmiths, we know that maintaining such status in a competitive environment required a lot of dedication to service and ensuring that you use appropriate tools. That is why we stop at nothing, ensuring that we employ the most experienced locksmiths. In addition, we have invested in a top of the range equipment, and so you are assured that we shall provide you the best services.

Our Services

To schedule for our services, talk to our expert locksmiths through the phone number (323)393-1049. We will be glad to serve you.

Locksmith services Los Angeles

For commercial, residential and automobile locksmith services, call Access Locksmith & Safe. We provide experienced locksmiths who understand different locking technologies, hence providing superior services to our customers. We are proud to be a 24/7 locksmith services provider in Los Angeles. Therefore, for your locksmith service requests over the weekends and holidays, you are guaranteed our availability. We offer mobile locksmith services, and so we shall serve you at the doorstep. We also provide our customers expert advice when it comes to locksmith solutions for commercial, automobile or residential use cases. No matter the type of lock, or locking mechanism that you are using, just dial our number and we will send equipped experts your way.

Emergency Locksmith Los Angeles

We know that locks tend to misbehave when you least expect. If there was an alarm to remind you that you are about to misplace the keys, then probably we would have a solution to one of the biggest locks problem (lockout) not only locally but globally. At Access Locksmith & Safe, we have our technical staff at standby to offer emergency locksmith solution even at midnight. Just call us and we shall be ready to help you out.

Lockout solutions in Los Angeles

Are you locked out of your home, office or even vehicle? Do not panic because help is just a call away. At Access Locksmith & Safe we handle emergency lockout issues promptly. Therefore, if you lost your office keys, misplaced the house keys or locked the car keys in the trunk, we can help you now. We have experienced lockout locksmiths who will employ the latest technology allowing you access to your home, office of vehicle.

Locks Change / Rekeying

In case you lost the key to your main door or even your vehicle, it is advisable that you consider locks change just to secure your belongings. Remember that you never know who might have picked the keys and intentions. Therefore, to ensure the integrity of your front door or car ignition, consider locks change or ignition system change. Talk to Access Locksmith & Safe for fast and efficient locks change/rekeying.

Car Keys

No matter the model of your vehicle, come to Access Locksmith & Safe for car key rekeying. We use advanced modern technology to provide the best solutions. Therefore, by coming to Access Locksmith & Safe for car key rekeying or duplication, you are assured a working solution.

Broken key extraction

While attempting to unlock the padlock or even while starting the vehicle, chances are that the key breaks in case it had a weakness or if you were forcing the key into the lock. In such a case, you will be required to extract the key, so that you use the right key to unlock the door or to start the vehicle. Talk to Access Locksmith & Safe for broken key extraction services in Los Angeles.

Residential and commercial locksmith

Access Locksmith & Safe serves residential and commercial customers in Los Angeles. We provide the best solutions that meet the requirements of both commercial and residential customers. Therefore, just talk to us and we shall be glad to serve you.